Power up heroes is a game for Kinect  were you put your avatar in a super suit and battle other super suits.

Normal Suits( all normal suits have an "x" form):
PowerUp Heroes End of the World Trailer HD01:30

PowerUp Heroes End of the World Trailer HD

  • Volta (electricity)
  • Scorch (fire)
  • Chaos (space)
  • Psych (mind and matter)
  • Bionic (weapons)
  • Shadow (ninja)
  • Soothslayer  (nature) 
  • Necro (undead)

Extra suits:

  • Volta of death(Uplay)
  • The thief (Uplay)
  • Ezio 
  • Rabbid 


  • Malignance(gives Rabbid)
  • Malignance X(gives Ezio)

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